Fast Fixes for Breakfast

In the “olden days,” people ate a lot of meat at breakfast: bacon, ham, and sausages all come to mind. Add a couple of eggs, and you had a high-protein breakfast to get you through a day of hard manual labor on the farm.

Today, most of us are not doing enough manual labor to justify a high-calorie breakfast every day, but the truth is, our ancestors knew the secret to starting the day off right: by making sure they had protein in the morning to give them energy. How can you make sure your family gets healthy protein every morning? Stock up on PB Crave in four delicious flavors.CoCo Bananas Peanut Butter Sandwich

We know, we know—everyone is so busy, it’s tempting to skip breakfast when you’re running out the door to school, work, or the gym. Try these quick breakfast fixes to get a fast and healthy meal into your family.

  1. Apples slices spread with PB Crave Coco Bananas. Flavors of honey, chocolate and banana in delicious all-natural peanut butter on crunchy apples will satisfy even non-breakfast eaters.
  3. Whole wheat bagel with Razzle Dazzle raspberry and honey flavored peanut butter. Just spread and wrap in foil for the trip to the bus stop!
  5. PB Crave Choco and Marshmallow Fluff on whole wheat toast—the best combo ever! All natural chocolate and peanut butter combined with Fluff (made from eggs and natural cane sugar) are like a s’more on toast—without artificial sweeteners.
  7. Whole wheat tortillas with Cookie Nookie. The pickiest eaters won’t realize they are actually having a healthy breakfast with this combo. Made from natural peanuts and wild honey, each serving of Cookie Nookie contains six grams of protein and two grams of fiber.