Changing peanut butter
to change the world

We make it; You enjoy it; Together we save lives!

PB Crave is different, because we’re actually making a difference.

Our goal at PB Crave is to help save the lives of millions of children. A minimum of 2% of the profits from every jar of PB Crave peanut butter goes directly to Project Peanut Butter

Malnutrition is a critical, global problem that impacts millions of vulnerable children each year. It kills more than twice as many children as HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Yet, there is a cost effective and proven solution that can eradicate severe malnutrition in our lifetime. Project Peanut Butter, a revolutionary therapeutic program founded by Dr. Mark Manary, is the most effective method to treat severely malnourished kids all over the world.

Through the use of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTFs) featuring high-calorie, fortified peanut butter-like pastes, Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization, is helping to save the lives of millions of children.

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